How to repair or recover the corrupted BitLocker drive?

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I corrupted a BitLocker encrypted external hard disk when encrypting it due to power off. The encryption was almost half way done. Now the BitLocker drive is not accessible in My Computer and disk management shows it as unknown partition. The data is extremely important, so I dont want to resolve in formatting the drive. Is there a way to recover corrupted BitLocker drive?

How to recover files from corrupted BitLocker drive?

"Drive is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" means the file system has been corrupted so that BitLocker drive is not accessible. In this situation, if you format this corrupted BitLocker drive, you will lose the data. If you don't format this corrupted BitLocker drive, you cannot access this BitLocker drive. How to recover corrupted BitLocker drive without data loss?

BitLocker data recovery

Unlike common data recovery, BitLocker data recovery requires intact BitLocker metadata and password or 48-digit BitLocker recovery key to decrypt data from BitLocker drive. While common data recovery software doesn't have this function. It is why you need to find a professional BitLocker data recovery software which can recover lost data from Bitlcoker drive.

BitLocker data recovery software

M3 BitLocker Recovery is a professional BitLocker recovery software which can recover data from formatted, inaccessible, failed, corrupted, damaged, deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partition.

Tutorial to recover data from the damaged BitLocker drive

Step 1: Download, install and launch M3 BitLocker Recovery on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Select the corrupted BitLocker encrypted drive and click Next to continue.

BitLocker drive data recovery software

If the damaged BitLocker encrypted drive has bad sectors (hardware issue), please do a sector-level disk clone first and then try M3 BitLocker Recovery.

Step 3: Enter the password or 48-digit BitLocker recovery key.

M3 BitLocker Recovery - Enter BitLocker recovery key or password

Step 4: M3 BitLocker Recovery is scanning the data from the corrupted BitLocker encrypted drive.

Scan data from corrupted BitLocker drive

Step 5: After the your files are found, select them and click "Recover" to start the recovery process.

Recover data from corrupted BitLocker drive

If some recovered files cannot be opened, check "Revert decryption" option and recover them again.

Step 6: After data recovery from the corrupted BitLocker drive is successfully done, you can format this corrupted BitLocker drive in My Computer (This PC) or Disk Management. This drive will be working again after the format completes.

Video tutorial:

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