How to decrypt/unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive in Windows 10?

Updated by Admin to Bitlocker Recovery on May 17th, 2019

Solution 1: Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive from My Computer in Windows 10

1. Double-click Bitlocker encrypted drive in My Computer or This PC.

2. Enter the password to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive with password in Windows 10

If you don't have the password, please click "More Options" and click "Enter recovery key" to enter Bitlocker recovery key: How/Where to find Bitlocker recovery key?

Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive with Bitlocker recovery key

If you don't have Bitlocker recovery key either, please refer to: How to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive without password and recovery key?

Solution 2: Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive from command prompt (CMD) in Windows 10

1. Type "CMD" in search bar of Windows 10.

2. Open the Command Prompt as administrator.

3. Type the command: manage-bde -unlock X: -RecoveryPassword or manage-bde -unlock X: -Password (X is the drive letter of the Bitlocker encrypted drive) and press Enter.

4. Enter the Bitlocker recovery key or password to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive in Windows 10.

If manage-bde failed to unlock volume with the correct recovery key, please try M3 Bitlocker Recovery to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Solution 3: Decrypt/Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive with M3 Bitlocker Recovery

If Bitlocker encrypted drive is corrupted, we can unlock/decrypt corrupted Bitlocker encrypted drive with professional Bitlocker data recovery software, but we must have the password or 48-digit Bitlocker recovery key.

Download and try a program called M3 Bitlocker Recovery, a professional Bitlocker data recovery software which can recover data from failed, inaccessible, corrupted, deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted partition.

To recover data from corrupted Bitlocker encrypted drive, please follow below steps:

Step 1: Select the Bitlocker encrypted drive where you want to recover data.

Bitlocker encrypted drive data recovery

Step 2: Enter the password or Bitlocker recovery key.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery - Enter Bitlocker recovery key or encryption password

Step 3: Scan the lost files from Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive and recover data

Step 4: After your files are found, please select them and click "Recover" to save. After data recovery is done, please reformat this corrupted Bitlocker encrypted drive and then use it again.