Mac data recovery & APFS data recovery

Accidental deletion? Emptied files from Mac trash? Disk is not readable? External hard drive is not mounted? All these data loss scenarios can be solved with a data recovery software.

M3 Data Recovery for Mac is not only a Mac data recovery software, but also a (encrypted) APFS data recovery software. It provides a safe way to recover lost files from Macintosh HD, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, etc.

Two preconditions using M3 Data Recovery for Mac:

1. The storage device is not physically damaged. If the storage device cannot be recognized by disk utility, it cannot be recognized by M3 Data Recovery for Mac either. In this situation, please send the failed device to a local data recovery professional for help.

2. The lost files have not been overwritten or corrupted. If the lost files have been overwritten, it is impossible to recover lost data. If the lost files have been corrupted, M3 Data Recovery for Mac doesn't have the function to repair the corrupted files.

So we highly suggest every customer try M3 Data Recovery for Mac before purchasing, download now.

Recover deleted files even emptied from Mac trash

The powerful data recovery algorithm built-in M3 Data Recovery for Mac makes file recovery of even permanently deleted files possible.

No matter you have emptied Mac Trash or pressed 'Command + Delete' keys, M3 Data Recovery for Mac can undelete files with ease.

Recover data from unreadable or unmountable drive

M3 Data Recovery for Mac provides the powerful data recovery features to rescue data from unreadable or unmountable drive.

No matter what file types they are, documents or photos, M3 Data Recovery for Mac can get lost files back with ease.

External drive data recovery for Mac

Connect external drive to your Mac and then recover all lost deleted files from that external drive.

M3 Data Recovery for Mac is fully compatible with external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, etc.

Recover lost data from lost deleted APFS volume

If you can't find existing APFS volume on your Mac, all that you need is M3 Data Recovery for Mac.

M3 Data Recovery for Mac can find the lost or deleted APFS volume and then recover data from that volume.

APFS data recovery, T2 chip data recovery

M3 Data Recovery for Mac is fully compatible with APFS file system and performs good recovery on APFS formatted drive.

M3 Data Recovery for Mac can also recover deleted or lost files from encrypted APFS drive and T2-secured Mac. Encrypted APFS data recovery and T2 chip data recovery require the password so that the data can be decrypted.

Easily rescue data after your Mac won't turn on

After your Mac won't boot, M3 Data Recovery can be launched in macOS Recovery mode through Terminal without the need to create a bootable drive.

Step-by-step tutorial to recover data from Mac that won't turn on - How to run M3 Data Recovery in macOS Recovey mode

Two flexible scanning modes

M3 Data Recovery for Mac provides two flexible scanning modes to scan lost files from the storage device.

Quick scan is used to scan the deleted files, it takes less time.

Deep scan is used to find more files, it scans every sector on the specific drive and takes more time.

Powerful file preview before recovery

M3 Data Recovery for Mac provides a powerful "File Preview" function. With it, you can preview documents, photos and play videos, audios, etc. as long as your Mac supports to preview.

With this powerful file preview function, you can see if your lost files are recoverable before they are being recovered.

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M3 Data Recovery is a lightweight application specialized in recovering lost or deleted files from local drives and external devices. Learn more >>

User Guide: How to use M3 Data Recovery for Mac

After launching M3 Data Recovery for Mac, it will automatically load the storage devices on your Mac. Then you can select one drive to scan, preview the found files and save the recovered files.

How it works

  • 1

    Download, install, launch

    Download, install and launch M3 Data Recovery for Mac on your computer.

  • 2

    Select and Scan

    Select one partition or hard disk where you lost data and click Next to start scanning.

  • 3


    Preview the found files and choose the right ones to recover.

    Keep in mind: Save the recovered files to a different location from the original one.

  • Launch M3 Data Recovery for Mac
  • Scan hard drive with M3 Data Recovery for Mac
  • Recover Lost Mac Data

Tech Specification

Supported storage devices

Macintosh HD, hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, etc. (RAID is not included)

System Requirements

Supported OS: macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra‎ and Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion
Supported file systems: APFS, encrypted APFS, HFS, HFS+, exfat and FAT32.

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2021-01-13 20:22:56

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! We accidentally deleted the only files we had of our son's 3D ultrasound images. (Less than 1GB) All of the other recovery software programs out there wanted $50-$300 USD to recover the files and we just can't afford to pay that much! Thankfully, your system offers a free trial of up to 1GB and we were able to recover these precious images. Moved to tears and extremely grateful! Thank you so very, very much! If we EVER need larger file recovery, our choice will be crystal clear!


2020-04-27 04:43:04

Accidently reformated an hfs disk with almost 2tb of video files. tried photorec first, which is free. it was able to recover the files but without filenames. i decided that the amount of time it would take to sort through and rename everything was worth the price of m3 data recovery. most files seem to be recovered intact.


2020-04-25 04:40:54

Program is great. You should just let somebody know up front that to actually be able to recover things you've lost, you need to purchase the Licenesed Version. Would have saved me time and I wouldn't have to run another scan now to obtain those files.


2020-04-22 04:45:17

Thank you very much, you're lifesaver!:)


2020-04-21 04:46:18

This has worked perfectly every time when a drive does not show up in finder or disk utility. Saved me a bunch of times!!!

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