Key Features

As a quick, safe and cost-effective RAW to NTFS converter tool, M3 RAW Drive Recovery can easily fix RAW partition, recover RAW drive, repair RAW disk and convert/change RAW hard drive, RAW external hard drive, RAW USB drive to NTFS without data loss due to damaged MBR, damaged MFT, virus attack or other unknown reason rather than physical damage.

NTFS/FAT32 partition became RAW file system, corrupted, inaccessible or damaged, data loss won't be your headache! After using this RAW to NTFS converter software to change RAW hard drive to NTFS, convert RAW external hard drive to NTFS/FAT32 file system, you will get all data back and then access RAW partition as normal.

Due to the complicated situations, no program can ensure a 100% chance of recovery, so M3 RAW Drive Recovery provides the data recovery feature to recover data from RAW hard drive, RAW external hard drive, RAW USB flash drive, RAW memory card, RAW memory stick, etc. when the RAW drive cannot be fixed.

Tips: M3 Data Recovery can change/convert RAW partition to NTFS/FAT32 without data loss and recover data from RAW partition, but it cannot format RAW partition to NTFS/FAT32 file system when Windows is unable to format RAW partition.

Don't have important data in RAW drive, please go to the solution as below:

If there is no important data in RAW drive, please just format RAW drive to NTFS/FAT32 with format tool. If Windows is unable to format RAW drive, please find the professional format tool (Such as low-level format tool) to format RAW drive to NTFS/FAT32.

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Accidents happen all the time and because of various reasons. Luckily M3 Data Recovery Free offers a helping hand in terms of file recovery. Whether you lost some files because of some malicious virus, by mistake, or just because you were a victim of someone's prank, now is your chance to bring back those files. Learn more >>

User Guide

After launching M3 Data Recovery, select RAW Drive Recovery module, choose the RAW drive and then scan lost data.

How it works

  • 1
    Download, install, launch

    Launch M3 Data Recovery and then choose RAW Drive Recovery module

  • 2
    Select and Scan

    Select RAW drive where you lost data and click Next to scan.

  • 3

    Preview, repair RAW drive or recover data from RAW drive.

  • Install and Launch M3 Data Recovery
  • Scan RAW drive with M3 Data Recovery
  • Recover data from RAW drive with M3 Data Recovery

Tech Specification

Supported storage devices

Hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, CF card, memory card, memory stick, etc. (RAID is not included, in most situations, RAID structure was corrupted so that lost data can be recovered after rebuilding RAID correctly)

System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Supported file systems: FAT32, NTFS and exFAT.

User Reviews

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John Kearns

2018-07-25 06:18:55

M3 Data Recovery software was quickly able to repair the access rights coding problem that caused the hard drive to convert to RAW state and returned the drive to what appears to be full working order.

John Comerford

2018-06-12 06:17:42

Your program worked super quick.It's success rate with me was 100% and recovered 315gb of data! thank you so much...i'm a happy chap this morning. cheers

Tot Ísis

2018-04-09 06:16:59

Thanks to the m3datarecovery team, I was able to recover the data from the external disk. Therefore, from today I will be promoter of this excellent product for all my friends and acquaintances. continue with your excellent work.

Daniel Raiter

2018-03-14 06:16:09

Did it eventually thanks, running in Safe Mode was my solution. Great product by the way, thanks so much, will highly recommend to all! Cheers!

Romke de Vries

2018-02-01 06:15:02

It workes! Thank you very much for your assistance, great software-solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to test if M3 Data Recovery can recover my data before purchasing?

1. M3 Data Recovery free trial version allows to recover 1GB data so that you can check recovery effect before purchasing.

2. M3 Data Recovery free trial version allows to preview txt documents and photos.

I cannot open the files recovered by M3 Data Recovery Free version, should I purchase full version?

No. The free version has same functions as full version, the free version will become full version after entering license key to unlock 1GB recovery limitation. If free version cannot work, the full version won't work either. According to your situation, please send your detailed data loss problem to [email protected] for further analysis.

I lost documents, videos, photos, audios, etc., but the found files only have .gz and .swf files, why?

.swf (a flash file extension) and .gz (a compressed gzip file) are just false positives and totally garbage. In your data loss environment, the original files cannot be identified properly by M3 Data Recovery, please send your data loss details to [email protected] for further analysis.

Would M3 Data Recovery damage my storage device where lost data?

No. M3 Data Recovery is a reliable and safe data recovery software, it is read-only for the storage device where lost data, so it wouldn't damage it.

Disk management cannot recognize my storage device, does M3 Data Recovery recognize it?

No. If disk management cannot recognize your storage device, M3 Data Recovery cannot recognize it either. In this situation, your storage device should be physically damaged, please send it to a local data recovery professional for help.

Does M3 Data Recovery support RAID reconstrucion?

No, M3 Data Recovery is just a common data recovery software, while RAID reconstrucion is a professional data recovery.

Does M3 Data Recovery support encrypted drive?

No, you need to unlock the encrypted drive before using M3 Data Recovery to recover lost data.

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