How to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drive after Bitlocker encryption/decryption stuck?

I had encrypted an external hard drive with Bitlocker but the Bitlocker encryption process stuck somewhere in the middle and now the disk can't be opened and gives the message "H:/ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect". The same popup window appears when I try to turn off Bitlocker Drive Encryption. I have even tried using the Bitlocker repair tool but with no success. These seems to be no other way to get my important data back other than formatting. Please HELP !!

Please don't worry. There is a Bitlocker recovery program called M3 Bitlocker Recovery which can recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drive after Bitlocker encryption/decryption stuck, interrupted, hung, failed, suspended or froze.

Please download and try M3 Bitlocker Recovery. You can also recover data from damaged, corrupted, inaccessible, failed Bitlocker encrypted drive without problem so long as you have the original Bitlocker recovery key or password.

Data recovery after Bitlocker encryption/decryption stuck

Step 1: Download, install and launch M3 Bitlocker Recovery on your computer.

Bitlocker data recovery software

Select the inaccessible Bitlocker encrypted volume which you want to recover data from and then click Next to continue.

Step 2: Enter the password or 48-digit recovery key.

Data recovery after Bitlocker drive encryption stuck

If the Bitlocker recovery key or password is correct, M3 Bitlocker Recovery will automatically scan Bitlocker volume and locate the data.

Step 3: Scan the lost files from inaccessible Bitlocker encrypted volume.

Data recovery from stuck Bitlocker encrypted drive

Step 4: After your files are found, please select them and click "Recover" to save.

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