Recover Your Files with Our BitLocker Data Recovery Tool

BitLocker is a powerful encryption solution developed by Microsoft that encrypts your drive, so it is protected if your device is ever lost or stolen. But if your drive is corrupted or cannot be accessed with your password, your files could be lost forever. We've developed a safe and professional BitLocker recovery software that can help you recover files lost from BitLocker encrypted drive.

The keys to successful BitLocker Data Recovery

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery is a BitLocker recovery tool to recover files from BitLocker encrypted drive after providing the password or 48-digit recovery key.

Unlike usual data recovery, BitLocker data recovery requires the intact BitLocker metadata and BitLocker password (or 48-digit BitLocker recovery key) to decrypt data.

Data drive: The password and 48-digit recovery key are required to decrypt data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

OS drive: 48-digit BitLocker recovery key is the only way to decrypt the data due to TPM (trusted platform module). iBoysoft Data Recovery WinPE bootable media can save your files easily after Windows won't boot, Surface Pro won't turn on, etc.

Password and 48-digit recovery key are not working. When BitLocker metadata is intact, iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery can recover BitLocker encrypted drive data after providing the password & 48-digit BitLocker recovery key.

Physical damage. The hardware issue is beyond the capacity of any data recovery software. In this case, send the physically failed BitLocker encrypted drive to a local data recovery service for help.

BitLocker metadata corruption. The BitLocker metadata was used to store the password and 48-digit recovery key when encrypting the drive. Sometimes, the area on the disk which holds BitLocker metadata was severely damaged or overwritten. In this situation, the BitLocker encrypted drive data cannot be decrypted even if you have the correct password and recovery key.

Password and 48-digit recovery key are lost or unknown. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery won't break into your BitLocker encrypted drive if you forget the password and 48-digit recovery key. This is as much of a policy issue as it is a technological limitation. Maybe the 3rd-party BitLocker password brute-force cracking tool can recover the forgotten BitLocker password by running a attack.

Tips: iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Technician has been integrated into iBoysoft Data Recovery Technician.

BitLocker Drive Corrupted? Our Recovery Software Can Help

If your BitLocker encrypted drive has been corrupted but not physically failed, you may be worried that they are gone forever, but that's not necessarily the case. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery program can recover data from corrupted BitLocker drive safely and quickly. We are your best shot at restoring your important documents.

Safe, Secure BitLocker Data Recovery

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery is different from the common data recovery software because it requires the password or unique 48-digit BitLocker recovery key to access your files. We make sure that you are the only person who can access our BitLocker data recovery technology for your device. This gives you the added protection you need to ensure your information is secure even in the BitLocker data recovery process.

Use Our BitLocker Data Recovery Software for Data Loss

It is not always possible to recover data, but our BitLocker recovery tool may be able to help in the event that:

BitLocker Encrypted Drive Is Not Accessible

Our BitLocker data recovery tool makes it possible to restore data from a corrupted, failed, or inaccessible BitLocker drive using the password or 48-digit recovery key.

Tutorial: How to recover data from an inaccessible BitLocker drive?

Deleted or Lost BitLocker Encrypted Partition

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery can find the deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partition and recover data easily, even when you can't.

Tutorial: How to recover lost data from a deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partition?

Formatted a BitLocker Drive by Mistake

If you have accidentally formatted your BitLocker encrypted drive with a tool other than a Windows built-in and cannot access the files, our BitLocker recovery tool may be able to help you recover data.

Tutorial: How to recover lost data from a formatted BitLocker encrypted partition?

BitLocker Encryption Interrupted, Stuck, or Failed

BitLocker is designed to work seamlessly in the background of your computer, but it can get stuck or failed for some reason. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery tool can get your files back quickly and easily.

Tutorial: How to recover lost data after a BitLocker drive encryption interrupted?

Our BitLocker Data Recovery Software Difference

Why choose iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery? Our BitLocker data recovery software is a fast, easy-to-use, and, most important, secure.

At M3, we are committed to the safety of our customers. We developed BitLocker data recovery software because we care about our customers, and we know how important your data is to you.

We are one of the few BitLocker data recovery software providers that require your password or 48-digit recovery key to operate our BitLocker recovery technology. That means no one can use our BitLocker data recovery software to access your data but you.

Forgotten Password or Lost BitLocker Recovery Key?

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery doesn't and won't break into your BitLocker encrypted drive without password and recovery key. If you have forgotten the BitLocker password and lost 48-digit BitLocker recovery key, our article: How to unlock BitLocker drive without password and recovery key may help you a lot.

How Much Does iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software Cost?

Our BitLocker data recovery software is more cheap than a local data recovery service, but the value of your BitLocker-encrypted data is higher than the price of iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery tool. As long as the encrypted data can be recovered, everything is worth it.

In addition to BitLocker recovery software, we offer a BitLocker for Mac and BitLocker for Windows 10 Home so that you can use the BitLocker encrypted drive on any device.

Try Our Trial Version of iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software

Free download iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery trial version today, and find out if your lost files are recoverable with a built-in Preview function - How to preview documents, photos, videos, audio with iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery trial version, but please notice the hardware issue (for example, bad sectors) is beyond the capability of any data recovery software.

Why choose our BitLocker data recovery software?

The ultimate BitLocker data recovery software is reliable and 100% safe

100% secure

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery requires the password or 48-digit recovery key to read-only access your BitLocker drive. That means no one can use our BitLocker data recovery program to access your data but you.

Super reliable

Our data recovery tool is used by world famous companies, such as kaspersky, sony, hp, WD, ontrack, driversavers, university of Stanford.

High recovery success rate

One of the highest data recovery success rates in the industry to recover data from all data loss scenarios.

What Is BitLocker?

BitLocker was developed by Microsoft to help people protect the files on their Windows devices without interfering with the computer's ability to function. But it can also make it difficult to recover your data if your device is damaged or the password is unknown or lost.

Premium Protection Against Hackers?

When the user activates BitLocker on a device, these data is encrypted and protected by a password and 48-digit recovery key. If the device is ever lost or stolen, there is no way for a hacker to access the data without the password or 48-digit recovery key. It runs in your device's background, so you may never even notice it is there after you set it up.

How Do I Get BitLocker?

BitLocker comes with all Windows devices that run on the Windows 10 Pro operating system. It runs seamlessly on your laptop, computer, or mobile device, so you'll never even notice it's there until you need to recover data.

If you have a device with a Microsoft Windows 10 Home operating system, you might be able to upgrade easily by going to the Microsoft Store app and looking for Windows 10 Pro. Once your Windows OS is upgraded, it's easy to set up BitLocker drive encryption. Be sure to save your 48-digit recovery key code so you can take advantage of our BitLocker data recovery program in case you ever need it.

Editor Review for Our BitLocker Data Recovery Software

From Softpedia


Recover lost data from BitLocker-encrypted partitions after simply entering your recovery key, thanks to this speedy and intuitive tool. Learn more >>

From Softonic


iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery is a great addition to your computer tool kit if you protect your computer with BitLocker. The app can let you recover files lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, or even virus infection. You can even use it to get files from inaccessible partitions. However, while using the app is simple, the scenarios in which it can work can be a bit complicated. Moreso, it is so very dependent on the recovery key that you cannot do anything about your lost files without it. If you lost that, too, you might as well kiss all your important data goodbye. Learn more >>

User Guide: How to use iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery

Before using iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery, you have to find the password or 48-digit recovery key. This is the most important step. Without your password or 48-digit recovery key, you won't be able to use our BitLocker data recovery software.

How it works

  • 1

    Download iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery

    Install our user-friendly BitLocker recovery software onto your Windows computer.

  • 2

    Scan BitLocker Encrypted Drive

    Our software makes it easy to scan the drive after entering the password or 48-digit recovery key.

  • 3

    Preview and Recover Your Files

    If recovery was successful, you would now be able to access all of your files, photos, videos, and anything else you had on your BitLocker drive.

  • Launch iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery and Select BitLocker encrypted drive
  • Enter the password or recovery key
  • Recover lost data from BitLocker encrypted drive

Tech Specification

Supported storage devices

Hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, etc. (RAID is not included). In most situations, RAID structure was corrupted so that lost data can be recovered after rebuilding RAID correctly.

System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Supported file systems: FAT32, NTFS and exFAT.

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2021-04-02 09:16:42

I downloaded it, made the USB bootable and checked it was able to unlock bitlocker partition and browse. Obviously unable to recover files in Trial. Thought the tool could come in hand y when I need to help family or friends. So went to buy and saw it's $199 dollars hahaha.. I actually never closed a browser faster in my life. I genuinely expected this to be a $10-20 dollar tool considering there are alternatives that do the same thing for free.


2021-03-12 07:37:19

Trial edition does not allow my to preview exncrypted files. The correct recovery code is required - hence not really any help if you are locked up with an apperently incorrect or not updated recovery key.

yasir khan

2020-11-14 05:41:57

hello how are you its a very best software for bitlocker password problem.. but i need license key ?


2020-06-29 03:22:29

I want to buy m3 data recovery from india but there is no solution to buy I tried many times with my international debit card but it always failed.

fanendra das

2020-05-12 03:34:52

i want M3 data recovery professional for single PC can you manage it.

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