Bitlocker recovery tips

BitLocker recovery is a process by which you can restore access to the data on an inaccessible Bitlocker drive if unlocking the drive in the usual way does not work.

Bitlocker recovery process requires the password or 48-digit recovery key to decrypt the data from the drive.

How to do Bitlocker recovery?

If Bitlocker drive is in good condition, you just need to enter the password or recovery key to unlock Bitlocker drive.

If you forget the password and 48-digit recovery key, it is possible to unlock Bitlocker drive without password or recovery key. However, you need to find some Bitlocker password brute-force cracking tools.

If Bitlocker doesn't accept the correct password or recovery key, you need to find a Bitlocker data recovery software, such as M3 Data Recovery.

If Bitlocker encrypted computer or Surface is experiencing Bitlocker recovery screen issue and asks for Bitlocker recovery key, just enter the correct recovery key or use M3 Data Recovery WinPE edition to rescue the data.

If your Bitlocker drive is corrupted or damaged, M3 Data Recovery can rescue your data.

If your Bitlocker drive is mistakenly formatted with built-in format tool in Windows 10, 8 or 7, formatting has completely erased Bitlocker metadata so that data recovery is impossible. If you formatted Bitlocker drive by other tool or other operating system, recovering data from formatted Bitlocker drive is possible.

If your Bitlocker encrypted partition is deleted or lost, M3 Data Recovery can find the previous Bitlocker encrypted partition and recover data.

If your Bitlocker drive is not recognized by Disk Management or Device Manager, send it to a local data recovery professional for help.