A Handy and Comprehensive Disk Manager

iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows

This disk management tool works to clone a disk/partition to another fully or incrementally, clone a partition to be a BitLocker-encrypted one, analyze disk space for file cleaning, and erase data on disks securely.
It also allows you to use BitLocker encryption on Windows Home editions, intensively manage BitLocker disks, test disk speed, adjust partition size, and recover lost partitions on Windows.

Discover All Features

Explore the features of the all-in-one disk manager and find what meets your needs.
Disk Clone: Create an exact copy of a system partition, specific partition, or hard drive for storage device upgrade or data backup.
Disk Space Analyzer: Analyze the storage usage of your disks to quickly find and clean large or non-essential files or folders.
BitLocker Drive Encryption & Management: Enable the missing BitLocker drive encryption in Windows Home editions for data protection and simplify BitLocker drive management.
Secure Data Wipe: Wipe all contents on a disk or partition, shred a single file or folder, and erase leftovers on a partition's available space with internationally certified methods.
Disk Speed Test: Measure the read & write speed of a partition or disk to help you verify and monitor your PC or hard drive performance.
Partition Resize: Shrink or extend a partition size without losing data to maximize disk space usage and improve computer performance.
Lost Partition Recovery: Scan and restore accidentally lost or deleted partitions on hard drives to make them accessible again.
One-to-one Disk Clone in Security, Stability & Fast Speed
iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows helps you make a true copy of one hard drive or partition on another without losing data. With it, you can clone a partition to be a BitLocker-encrypted one to block ransomware and malware attacks. Its exclusive incremental cloning greatly reduces the cloning time.
This disk cloning software helps you create a bootable copy of the system partition, upgrade an old HDD to a new SSD, transfer everything from one drive to another, keep a supplementary backup, replace a corrupted hard drive for pressure-free data recovery, and more.
Disk Space Analysis Accelerates Space Check & Cleaning
Files filled up in your computer or hard drive exhaust limited storage and slow down the device. This free Windows disk space analyzer can spot the large files and folders on a system partition, user folder, specific directory, or disk in a lightning-fast way and offers you visual and non-visual modes to view your disk space usage.
With a simple drag-and-drop and click action, this disk manager will permanently remove all the selected redundant, stale, and useless images, documents, videos, downloads, audio, and others and immediately release the space they consume.
Secure Data Wipe Blocks Secret Files from Accidental Leakage
The exposure of out-of-date or useless confidential, personal, and business files would be a great danger. iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows supports you to wipe a hard disk drive, a particular partition, and the available space of a partition in a secure, irrecoverable, thorough way.
This file shredder even allows you to completely erase a specific file or folder on a disk without affecting any other data. The world-certified data erasing methods this software adopts can meet your different requirements for data wipe.
Re-available BitLocker Encryption Protects Data Security
The Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption feature is not available on Windows Home editions, putting your private files on hard drives at risk. iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows permits BitLocker drive encryption on Windows 11 Home, Windows 10 Home, Windows 8 Home, Windows 7 Home, and Windows 7 Professional editions.
With this Windows security tool, you can easily encrypt NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32 partitions and hard disks using BitLocker drive encryption. It also attaches lite features to help you manage all your BitLocker-encrypted drives in handy.
Disk Speed Test Measures Actual Read-write Performance of Drives
This disk manager is also an easy-to-operate disk speed tester that supports quickly measuring and certifying a partition, disk, and computer performance. It has four disk speed test modes for your choice, including the sequential read, sequential read & write, random read, or random read & write modes.
Besides, it displays the read and write speed of disks in rate curves to help you view the benchmark result visually. With this HDD disk speed testing tool, you can have an accurate and overall learning of your disk performance.
Partition Resize Maximizes Disk Space Usage
This free partition manager enables you to securely shrink or extend NTFS partitions to fix low disk space issues, improve computer performance, and better manage disk space. It won't destroy any data on the partition or corrupt the file format of the partition.
With this disk manager, you can feel free to resize partitions on any USB flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, and other storage devices, making the most of the space on them.
Partition Recovery Renders Accidental Lost Partitions Re-accessible
iBoysoft DiskGeeker gives you a hand to scan, find, and restore mistakenly deleted or lost partitions on disks. The recovered partitions can be accessed as long as they were not RAW partitions before.
This lost partition recovery software also allows you to search for and recover deleted or lost BitLocker-encrypted partitions on a hard disk drive, USB drive, or other devices with a few clicks.

How to Use iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows?

1. Download & Install
Free download and follow the on-screen instructions to install iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows on your PC.
2. Choose a Function
Connect your external hard drives or other storage devices to your Windows computer and choose the features you want to use.
3. Complete
Finish hard drive management and maintenance with the functions in this disk manager.
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Best Free Disk Management Tool

iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows

iBoysoft DiskGeeker is a worth-trying tool if you have various hard disks. It greatly simplifies your disk management job and relieves your pressure to deal with diverse HDDs, SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, and other storage devices.

As the muti-functional Windows drive manager, iBoysoft DiskGeeker features fast and smooth disk clone, visual disk space analysis, secure and eradicated disk data destruction, BitLocker encryption for Windows Home editions, handy BitLocker disk management, quick partition resizing, and lost partition recovery.

Download the powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, free disk manager to explore all its well-designed features now!

Windows 11-7 & Windows Server 2022-2008

Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008

Supported File Systems:


Hardware Requirements:

Disk Space: 10MB minimum space for iBoysoft DiskGeeker installation

CPU: x64

Storage Devices: HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, pen drives, flash drives, memory cards,

SD cards, CF cards, etc.

iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows FAQs

How long will it take to clone a disk?
It depends on the amount of data on your source disk. The more files on it, the longer the time our disk cloning software will take for disk cloning.
Is iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows safe and reliable?
Definitely yes. iBoysoft DiskGeeker for Windows is a 100% safe and reliable disk manager for Windows.
Why can't I delete files from the scanned results in Space Analyze?
You need to drag and drop the files you want to delete into the Trash Bin area at the bottom of the app's window first and then click Delete. If the files can't be removed, check if they are still in use or read-only.
Will the data on the destination disk be erased after starting the disk clone?
Yes, once you start a disk clone, the data on the destination drive will be erased immediately to re-initialize and reformat the source disk to the same format as the destination disk. Canceling the ongoing disk cloning process won't revert the erased data. So, back up your necessary files on the destination disk in advance.
Can I recover the data on the disk after it is wiped?
No. iBoysoft DiskGeeker adopts internationally acknowledged data erasure technologies to completely eradicate your unwanted private, secret, non-disclosure business documents, videos, and other types of files. No data recovery software and techniques in the world can restore them.
How long will it take to test disk speed?
It depends on the speed test mode you choose. Usually, the sequential read and sequential read-write modes only take a short time to complete a disk speed test, but random read and random read-write modes take a relatively longer time.