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1. I cannot open the files recovered by M3 Data Recovery, M3 Mac Data Recovery, M3 RAW Drive Recovery or M3 Bitlocker Recovery.

Data recovery is a complicated case, its recovery result depends upon the specific data loss environment, please send your details about how to lose the data and how to use M3 Data Recovery to for further analysis.

At the same time, if you are using M3 Data Recovery for Windows or M3 RAW Drive Recovery, please try this solution: Choose Data Recovery or RAW Drive Recovery module, click Find more partitions, select the whole hard disk and then tick Deep Scan option. After the scan completes, there would be several partitions found, please select the partition whose recovery status is Good and then extract data.

2. The found files in M3 Mac Data Recovery are not zero bytes, but the recovered files are 0 bytes, how to solve it?

Please check the files in RAWfiles folder, if the files in RAWfiles folder are not zero bytes, please recover them and then contact for further solution. If the files in RAWfiles folder are zero bytes, it means the drive is unreadable on current Mac computer, please change a computer and have a try.

3. How to solve 'RAW drive cannot be fixed' problem?

Firstly, please recover data if there is important data in RAW drive. After ensuring all recovered files can be opened, please try to format it, the RAW drive will be working again after format completes. If Windows is unable to format RAW drive, please try professional format tool or low-level format after data recovery is successfully done.

4. When recovering data from Bitlocker encrypted drive, I receive error message: Password or recovery key is incorrect after I enter the correct password or recovery key, why?

Maybe Bitlocker metadata is corrupted so that the software cannot find Bitlocker metadata and prompts incorrect password or recovery key, please contact technical support team for further analysis.

5. When I run M3 Mac Data Recovery (Or M3 Mac Bitlocker Loader), I receive warning message: "****.app" is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the Trash or "****.app" cannot be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store..

By default, Mac OS X security allows only the apps that are downloaded from the Mac App Store or from Mac certified developers. To fix this error, please open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General tab -> Change the Allow apps downloaded from: option to Anywhere.

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