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How to find hardware ID:

For Windows: You can find the hardware ID on the about window of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows or iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery.

For Mac: Hardware ID is the serial number of your Mac, you can find it on "About This Mac" window.


1. The offline activation code is very long, you need to copy and paste all characters into the license key field.

2. The offline activation code can only activate iBoysoft * * or M3 * * on the computer where you find this hardware ID which is used to generate this offline activation code.

3. How to use the offline activation code to activate iBoysoft Data Recovery WinPE bootable media?

Step 1: Save the offline activation code in a txt file and copy it to a USB drive.

Step 2: Insert the above USB drive into your unbootable computer.

Step 3: Select the files in iBoysoft Data Recovery and click Recover button.

Step 4: In save window, switch to the above USB drive, go to the path of the above txt file, right click txt file and select Open, copy all characters of the offline activation code and paste it to the license key field of iBoysoft Data Recovery.

4. How to save the files with iBoysoft Data Recovery WinPE bootable media:

Step 1: Select the files you want to recover and click Recover.

Step 2: After seeing "Save" window, select the drive where you want to save the recovered files.

Step 3: Select one folder from the drive which you want to save the recovered files.

Step 4: Click Save to start the recovery.

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