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I downloaded it, made the USB bootable and checked it was able to unlock bitlocker partition and browse. Obviously unable to recover files in Trial. Thought the tool could come in hand y when I need to help family or friends. So went to buy and saw it's $199 dollars hahaha.. I actually never closed a browser faster in my life. I genuinely expected this to be a $10-20 dollar tool considering there are alternatives that do the same thing for free.

Trial edition does not allow my to preview exncrypted files. The correct recovery code is required - hence not really any help if you are locked up with an apperently incorrect or not updated recovery key.

hello how are you its a very best software for bitlocker password problem.. but i need license key ?

I want to buy m3 data recovery from india but there is no solution to buy I tried many times with my international debit card but it always failed.

i want M3 data recovery professional for single PC can you manage it.

I have used M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.6. for years now, and have been impressed with its features and versioning. Numerous upgrades to several editions exist, and you don't need to always go with the latest edition only, such as with apps from the Microsoft. What's particularly great is the scalability. M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.6. is a great allrounder and finalizer tool, easy for beginners. Highly recommended.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.6. is UNBELIEVABLY good, easy to use, and well-integrated with professional results. The app's design is great, intuitive, and lets you unleash your true creativity without having to know some of the more arcane details of "coding" and such. HIGHLY recommend M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.6.!

My great organization allows us to use hardware encrypted hard drives, then throws bitlocker on top of that. While copying data off the drive my computer hiccupped and all of the sudden my drive structure was corrupted and I could not access all my data. 1.1TB of work data that I had collected over the years and had not had a chance to backup was now inaccessible. I tried every trick I knew, but thanks to bitlocker I could not recover. I stumbled across this software and decided to give it a try. I am totally amazed. The free trial scanned and collected all the data from the drive (i knew my bitlocker password, and had the recovery key just in case). It was not a speedy process due to the amount of data, but I can preview every file, just waiting for it to finish so I can restore fully. Ya'll saved me hours of tears, heartache, and frustration.

After watching a company video on data security I decided I should encrypt my primary work SD card using bitlocker. During the encryption process something happened and my card became inaccessible even with my bitlocker key. I tried everything. I was so angry at stupid bitlocker because I had so many work files that I could not access. I found M3 and decided to pony up the $$ to try and get my files back. I am extremely glad I did. Worked like a charm and I have all of my files back. And it was extremely easy to use! What a great tool. Thank you M3! And screw you windows bitlocker: I'll never use that encryption method again.

I am currently a onsite IT tech for a construction company in the United States. Recently a one of the directory€™s business laptop would not boot up. After troubleshooting the device and further inspection, I noticed that the hard drive was failing. The issue got worse since the user was only going to be in town that day for a university lesson. The expectations were running high! Since this was someone really important in the company, it goes without saying that the files needed to be recovered. I installed a new HDD on his laptop and tried to access his old files through an external reader. To my surprise the drive will not open due to an error with Bit locker! I tried everything to unlock the drive, but the force was not in my side. That was until I downloaded M3 Bit locker Recovery and after a full scan it found and exported all the files that needed to be saved. I was so relieved that it was possible for a piece of software to do this! You guys have saved my life and now my boss thinks I am a genius, but it was all you guys! Trust this program and it will not disappoint!

I bought the Pro version and I get the data recovered from Bitlocker encrypted partition which was mistakenly cleaned by diskpart.

Excellent product, exactly as described. The local Desktop support staff told me my data was lost and there was nothing they could do to help. This software enabled me to recovery all my data from a failed Bitlocker disk. Would strongly recommend the product, it’s easy to use and well supported.

I will like to leave a testimonial on this powerful recovery software. I am really impressed by what the bitlocker recovery software does. I have searched online to get a solution before buying M3 Bitlocker Recovery software and I was told there was no hope to recovering Users' data. Know I know there hope. Thanks for engineering such a powerful application.

It worked great! We had restored a VM that had a Bitlocker protected drive – Windows would see the drive as Bitlocker protected but Bitlocker management on the OS would not recognize it – we tried lots of other things but your product was the only thing we found that would help. Thanks!

This weekend I have successfully recovered the data of my lost Bitlocker partition. The fix was in the update of your software. (M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.5). Now that the data is reconvert.

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