How to check Bitlocker metadata integrity and recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drive with M3 Data Recovery or M3 Bitlocker Recovery?

Posted by Admin to Bitlocker Recovery on March 10th, 2014

Bitlocker metadata: The password and recovery key will be stored in Bitlocker metadata on the Bitlocker encrypted volume after completing the encryption. In some situations, Bitlocker metadata is also currupted after Bitlocker encrypted drive failed, so Bitlocker metadata must be intact before using M3 Bitlocker Recovery or M3 Data Recovery to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drive, otherwise, no way to decrypt data from Bitlocker encrypted drive even if you have correct password or recovery key. However, how to check Bitlocker metadata integrity?

Step 1: Download M3 Data Recovery or M3 Bitlocker Recovery and then install them to try before purchasing.

Step 2: Launch M3 Data Recovery (Please select Bitlocker Recovery module if you install M3 Data Recovery) or M3 Bitlocker Recovery.

Step 3: Select Bitlocker encrypted partition where you lost the data and then click Next to continue.

Step 4: The program will ask you to enter the password or recovery key.

Step 5: The program verifies if the password or recovery key you entered matches the password or recovery key recorded in Bitlocker metadata.

At this step, if you receive "password is incorrect" or "recovery key is incorrect" error message as below if you are sure that you have entered the correct password or recovery key, it means Bitlocker metadata has been corrupted, please contact [email protected] for further analysis.

Incorrect recovery key

If you don't receive incorrect password or recovery key error message, the program will scan the lost data. After lost data is found, you can consider purchasing the full version.

If Bitlocker encrypted drive is physically failed/damaged, please send it to a local data recovery professional for help.