Bitlocker Drive Decryption, Bitlocker Recovery, Bitlocker Mac

Bitlocker drive decryption

Bitlocker drive decryption is to decrypt data from Bitlocker encrypted volume by entering Bitlocker recovery key or user password. If Bitlocker drive encryption failed/stuck or Bitlocker encrypted volume is corrupted, etc., you couldn't directly enter Bitlocker recovery key or user password to decrypt data from Bitlocker encrypted volume. How to carry out Bitlocker drive decryption?

Bitlocker data recovery

Bitlocker data recovery is a Bitlocker drive decryption technology which can extract data from corrupted Bitlocker encrypted drive. M3 Bitlocker Recovery is such a data recovery software which can recover data from inaccessible, corrupted, failed, deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted drive.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery

Bitlocker for Mac

There is no Mac version of Bitlocker, but M3 Mac Bitlocker Loader is such a tool which can access Bitlocker encrypted drive and read, write Bitlocker encrypted volume on Mac computer.

M3 Mac Bitlocker Loader

Bitlocker for Linux, Ubuntu - Dislocker

Dislocker - FUSE driver to read/write BitLocker encrypted volume in Linux. Dislocker is a tool to decrypt BitLocker encrypted volume from Linux developed by Romain Coltel. Dislocker uses a fuse based mechanism to decrypt the volume and mount it so that the user can access (read or write) the files within the volume. Note that this is not a brute force mechanism or hack; the user still needs to provide a valid BEK file (startup key) or numerical key or FVEK (Full Volume Encryption Key) or recovery password or user password for the decryption. Dislocker requires the PolarSSL library to work.

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