Reviews and customer testimonials of M3 Data Recovery for Windows, M3 Bitlocker Recovery and M3 Data Recovery for Mac

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M3 Data Recovery for Windows reviews and customer testimonials

My Bitlocker disk become inaccessible even after the Bitlocker recovery code was accepted. I have tried to explore the file by using the M3 software (free version) and it can show the entire of my files and folders on that disk very well. I have ordered this software already and I am so happy with the recovery result. ---Sarayuth Klungtong

I made the payment today morning and got the license key too. I am really happy to say that I got all my important data back by using that license key. Thank you very much for immediate response and assistance. ---Suresh Ganta

Thank you so much for the prompt response and suggestion. Purchased M3 Data Recovery Home as you suggested. Once installed, the software did what it claims. Was able to recover all my files, and the drive still behaves as before. Once again my eternal thanks for the suggestion and for the terrific performance. ---Joseph Correia

First of all, I love this program! I only bought it last night, but it helped me regain access to my laptop hard drive when all other avenues failed. ---Tony Mortimer

I would like to thank you for your extended support. It is rare and comforting to know that M3 cares about their customers.I have raved and recommended your services to members and staff of the school's IT department.---Delmar

I have completed the recovery and everything works and recovered. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you took to get these files recovered. M3DataRecovery Rocks!!!---William Williamson

Success - live saver!! Many thanks for your help this morning and the quick replies.--- Jonathan Balkin

It workes!Thank you very much for your assistence, great software-solution! --- fRomke de Vries

Did it eventually thanks, running in Safe Mode was my solution. Great product by the way, thanks so much, will highly recommend to all! Cheers! --- Daniel Raiter

I have tried to encrypt the disk and during the boot process, i received BSOD with unmountable boot volume. I have the 48 bit recovery password , it letting me to pass the bitlocker with that RP but it always Blue screen at me and i can not run any repair or "repair-bde" or "manage-bde -unlock " and etc . See also below a pic of the bitlocker status when i run manage-bde -status. I have found the missing file YAY , it was under different directory :) I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help , really appreciated, you save by bacon :) Brilliant many many many thanks for your help--- Koko Apostolov

Thanks to the m3datarecovery team, I was able to recover the data from the external disk. Therefore, from today I will be promoter of this excellent product for all my friends and acquaintances. continue with your excellent work.--- Tot Ísis

Your program worked super quick.It's success rate with me was 100% and recovered 315gb of data! thank you so much...i'm a happy chap this morning. cheers--- John Comerford

M3 Data Recovery software was quickly able to repair the access rights coding problem that caused the hard drive to convert to RAW state and returned the drive to what appears to be full working order.--- John Kearns

M3 Bitlocker Recovery reviews and customer testimonials

Excellent product, extactly as described. The local Desktop support staff told me my data was lost and there was nothing they could do to help. This software enabled me to recovery all my data from a failed Bitlocker disk. Would strongly recommend the product, its easy to use and well supported. ---Lloyd Walker

This weekend I have successfully recovered the data of my lost Bitlocker partition. The fix was in the update of your software. (M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.5). Now that the data is reconvert. ---Huub Bakens

Well, I've just figured out that I should not assign a drive letter to the 'lost' partition and let the recovery software to find it. I am able to recover all my files now and it only took 5 seconds to display the original file system. I must say it's a great software that is worth the money. ---William Ho

I ended up purchasing the program. I was able to do some recovery and was quite happy. Would strongly recommend the product, its easy to use and well supported. ---Raymond Kanowitz

Your software can read corrupted unreadable hard disk and recover them 100%. So I love it. ---Ziaohua Zhu

Yours software played smartly and recovered my Ph.D data from Bitlocker encrypted drive successfully. --- Madhankumar D

It worked great! We had restored a VM that had a Bitlocker protected drive – Windows would see the drive as Bitlocker protected but Bitlocker management on the OS would not recognize it – we tried lots of other things but your product was the only thing we found that would help. Thanks! --- Ryan Dittman

M3 Data Recovery for Mac reviews and customer testimonials

Your program worked great. It was simple and easy to use and even to put the images directly in the file on my computer where I wanted them.---Aerial Focus

Good morning Tim, just letting you know that the latest version of the app you sent me is working like a dream. Thank you so much for your support through this, really appreciate it.---Trav Nel

Hi. I want to let you know that your software worked well and I was able to recover 99% of the files I needed. The failures seemed to be files in bad sectors of the disc. And when trying to recover those the process just hung up. For those files, I may try the newer version you recommended in a previous email.Anyway, you have a great product and truly great customer support. So happy with your service.---Larry Saltzman

It was simple and easy to use and even to put the images directly in the file on my computer where I wanted them. ---Aerial Focus

Perfect - thank you so so so much! We thought we'd lost our Machu Picchu trip photos, and we've got them back! :-)Really appreciate your help. ---Sarah Golding

It worked perfectly and recovered all of my lost files. I already told a bunch of my friends. Unfortunately I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, but I will definitely continue to recommend M3. Thank you for all your help! ---Ray M

I work as the IT Director for Saint Lucy's school in Glendora California. The yearbook teacher came to me with a dead flash drive which had been formatted for PC, even though the entire school is Mac-based. On the drive was 30 GB of photos and information for the yearbook. The drive was completely dead and not showing up on the computer at all. I ran your product and all of the data from the disk showed up in your software interface. I was able to press "recover" and retrieve everything. M3 Data Recovery was a lifesaver and a years worth of work was not lost. ---Geoff Walcha

I just want to write to say thank you. My prior version (3.6) was unable to see the deleted file and I so I tried quite a few other recover solutions. None of them worked. With this upgrade this morning, I was able to retrieve the deleted file from my SD card that had proved so elusive to other tools. ---Kerry Norman