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Accidents happen all the time and because of various reasons. Luckily M3 Data Recovery Free offers a helping hand in terms of file recovery. Whether you lost some files because of some malicious virus, by mistake, or just because you were a victim of someone's prank, now is your chance to bring back those files. Learn more >>

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M3 Bitlocker Recovery is a tool that can recover damaged drives with Bitlocker encryption. It's a great tool to use for recovery purposes, however, users should take into consideration the limitations and requirements that tool has in order to make a successful recovery. The drive's Bitlocker metadata must not be damaged and users must be able to provide the 48-character key. Learn more >>

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2019-07-08 22:58:23

I already use it to recover files from a damaged SD CARD. Many thanks.

Sandra Chung

2019-06-17 01:59:00

Thank you, and once again M3 saved ALL the data. I don't think I willever use any other data recovery program.


2019-06-02 20:37:52

Got about 40% of my data back! but most importantly all my music. Love you. Let me know if I can PayPal you lunch $.


2019-05-30 01:15:42

I have to thank you that I was able to recover photos from the SD card that I accidentally deleted.


2019-05-23 04:28:04

It saved me from losing my historical data in my hard drive. so i am thanking the team behind this wonderful application.