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Accidents happen all the time and because of various reasons. Luckily M3 Data Recovery Free offers a helping hand in terms of file recovery. Whether you lost some files because of some malicious virus, by mistake, or just because you were a victim of someone's prank, now is your chance to bring back those files. Learn more >>

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M3 BitLocker Recovery is a tool that can recover damaged drives with BitLocker encryption. It's a great tool to use for recovery purposes, however, users should take into consideration the limitations and requirements that tool has in order to make a successful recovery. The drive's BitLocker metadata must not be damaged and users must be able to provide the 48-character key. Learn more >>

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2020-07-24 09:10:38

I am pleased to advise that recovery of the "permanently deleted" files has been completely successful. I am grateful for your perseverance and patience in guiding me through the process, and your understanding that I am not a technician, and needed step by step help at times. It must have been irritating for you. I am perhaps most of all pleased that I allowed myself to be persuaded that it was possible that the M3 Data Recovery software could indeed recover files which I had (accidentally of course) permanently deleted. This is a most remarkable facility, which deserves prominent emphasis in the Progam's promotional material.

Al N

2020-06-15 17:07:01

Recovered my tax returns, had powerfail crash before backup. Ill buy it!

Ian Holmes

2020-05-06 06:15:09

I had a 4TB drive that was unreadable, tried disk doctor etc no good. I downloaded M3 it found the drive and scanned it which took 6 days but it's a big drive so just left it to do it's thing. Got up this morning and program had closed but I could now see drive and copied everything to new HDD. I'm so pleased as there's family stuff that's irreplaceable which I thought I'd lost.


2020-04-21 04:37:00

I've tried 6 different SD data recovery programs prior to this one. M3 is by a margin the best! It worked!!! so happy!


2020-04-17 06:39:25

i am unable recover after scanned its asking licence key , even i am using trial version.