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How to fix 'Drive not accessible, the parameter is incorrect'?

Quick fix 'the parameter is incorrect' error without losing data:

  1. #1. Run iBoysoft Data Recovery to scan drive with incorrect parameter error.
  2. #2. Preview and recover data from inaccessible drive.
  3. #3. Reformat the inaccessible drive to NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT file system.

On this page, you will learn:

Are you currently having trouble with your computer? Receiving an error message "Drive is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" when accessing external hard drive?

Drive is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect

Read on to discover a quick fix to this problem.

How to access data from the inaccessible drive?

Important: To protect your data, you should first try to recover your files from your hard drive or external hard drive with "the parameter is incorrect" error. As some fixes may cause data loss.

iBoysoft Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software that gives you a RAW drive recovery module. This will fix your inaccessible drive.

1. First download, install, and then launch the iBoysoft Data Recovery on your Windows computer.

2. Once you launch it, you'll need to choose the RAW Drive Recovery module. Choose the inaccessible drive and click Next.

Inaccessible drive repair software

3. iBoysoft Data Recovery will check and rebuild the corrupted file system information.

Rebuild file system on inaccessible drive

4. Check the files in your inaccessible drive before you fix it.

Fix drive not accessible, parameter incorrect issue

5. Click "Fix Drive" option or switch to Data Recovery mode and recover data from inaccessible drive.

How to fix "The parameter is incorrect" in Windows 10/8/7?

Since it's commonly found in Windows 10/8/7, you might be wondering how you fix "The parameter is incorrect" error within a Windows system. If you have a backup option, you can restore the files after formatting the hard drive.

If you don't have a backup option, you can try these options listed below. They'll help you fix the incorrect parameter.

Fix 1: Running CHKDSK

First, running CHKDSK can fix your disk with any errors.

CHKDSK is a Windows tool for fixing the logical file system errors and bad sectors on a hard drive. It also fixes partitions as well.

To run CHKDSK, you need to first plug your external hard drive, SD card, or USB drive into your computer. Next, you need to open the Command Prompt.

When you're in Windows 7, choose the start menu and type in cmd in the search. Hit enter. Next, click cmd.exe in your programs.

In Windows 10/8, hit the Windows and X buttons. Then, choose the Admin Command Prompt option.

When you're in the Command Prompt option, type chkdsk E: /f. Then, replace the E with the drive letter of your inaccessible drive.

Fix 2: Uninstall or update the old disk driver

Is your drive not accessible currently? You can also try updating the old disk driver. This works well if your external hard drive is not accessible after a Windows update.

First, check the connections of the drive, USB cable, and USB port.

To do this, you'll first connect the external hard drive to your computer. In order for this to work, you'll need to use another USB cable, USB port, or another computer.

This will get rid of the potential of malfunctioned hardware.

Next, open the Start menu and type devmgmt.msc in the search box. Then hit enter.

Open your Device Manager and choose Disk Drives.

After this, look for your external hard drive. Right-click on it when you find it. Then choose Update Driver Software.

If there's an update, you'll follow the instructions listed to do so.

Once you're done, restart your computer, and look to see if the external hard drive is now accessible.

Fix 3: Change the path and drive letter

Are you still getting the "drive not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" message? This is another method to try on a Windows computer.

You can first try changing the drive letter in your Disk Management. This will try to reload the file system of your drive. It'll also try to repair the minor disk errors.

To do this, first right click on My Computer or This PC. Next, choose Manage.

Choose Disk Management. It'll be located on the left sidebar.

Find your inaccessible drive and right-click on it. Then choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

Fix 4: Run SFC scan

If there's any corrupted or missing information on the system files, it can show "drive not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" error.

Running SFC scan will fix the corrupted system files. The system files within your computer system could be corrupted or missing. To do this, you can go to the System File Checker. It is a Windows tool.

Make sure your SD card, USB drive, or external hard drive are plugged into your PC. Next, open the Command Prompt.

If you're in Windows 7, you'll need to choose the Start button and type in cmd. Hit Enter and click cmd.exe. If you're in Windows 10/8 you'll need to press the Windows and X buttons. Then, you can choose the Command Prompt option.

After this, you'll need to input scannow/SFC in the black window and click enter.

Fix 5: Reformat the drive

If the other options haven't helped, you can try to reformat the drive and fix drive not accessible issue. But before that, you need to recover your data first with iBoysoft Data Recovery.

This is a formatting option on your Windows. First, make sure your inaccessible drive is connected to your PC. Next, right-click and choose "Format". Then click OK.

This will then cause the formatting to occur.

A new file system will be created and repair any errors.

Fix 6: Get help from a local data recovery specialist

Sometimes your inaccessible hard drive has a hardware issue, and the data can't be found by iBoysoft Data Recovery. If this is the case, you'll need to bring it to a local data recovery specialist.

It's vital you follow these tips carefully to avoid damaging any original data that's on your drive. Receiving this error can mean there's a problem with your removable storage drive or hard drive.

Why would incorrect parameter happen?

Did you know that around 50% of all Wikipedia vandalism is found by a computer program with more than 90% accuracy? You might have received the error message, "drive not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" when you're opening a drive. This can happen on your external hard drive, SD card, USB drive, flash drive, and other storage devices.

When this happens, you're not able to access the data inside your drive without formatting it. This can be caused by a damaged file system, bad sectors, or other errors on your disk. It can also be a virus attack, unsafe ejection, or sudden power outage.

This is an error normally found in Windows 10/8/7 and won't let you access the data.

You might ask yourself, how do I fix "the parameter is incorrect"? First, you'll want to figure out what exactly is causing this error to occur. This will also help you recover any lost data.

There are various reasons this could happen such as a power failure or USB port problem.

USB port problem

The USB port is the bridge connecting your computer to the USB flash drive. If it has a problem, then your removable drive could also become damaged.

Pulling out removable devices incorrectly

Another cause for this error could be pulling out the device incorrectly. If you're pulling the device out without safe ejection, that can lead to problems.

Never do a forced removal from your drive.

Virus attacks

If you're experiencing malware attacks or virus infections, that can also cause this error. You'll want to fix this immediately for data recovery and not lose vital information.

File system goes wrong

Whether it's FAT, MFT, or DBR, these are file systems that can go wrong. Receiving the message, the parameter is incorrect, could be from corruption in your file system.

Power failure

Are you experiencing a power failure for your powered hard drive? This is a common reason for your hard drive to be unreadable or inaccessible.

Bad sectors

If you find bad sectors on your hard drive, you'll want this fixed immediately. A bad hard drive can cause your whole hard drive to be inaccessible.

What can cause "the parameter is incorrect"?

There are 2 issues that receiving the error message, the parameter is incorrect, can cause.

First, it can make your drive become inaccessible. It can also cause you to not be able to copy files.

That means you won't be able to access your data. You also won't be able to transfer files from an external hard drive to other locations.

If your drive becomes inaccessible, then you cannot access your storage media or hard drive. The data inside of it will be inaccessible.

What to do when you receive "The parameter is incorrect"

Now that you've learned what to do when you receive the error "Drive not accessible, the parameter is incorrect", you should have a better understanding of how to fix it.

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