How to enable system extensions on Apple Silicon M2, M1 Mac?

Updated by Tim to BitLocker for Mac on April 7th, 2022

Step 1: When installing M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac on Apple Silicon M2, M1 Mac, you need to allow system extensions before reading/writing BitLocker encrypted drive.

It is a necessary step on M2, M1 Mac and won't lower your Mac security. After enabling system extensions, you can restore "Security Policy..." to the original setting.

Allow system extensions

Step 2: After opening security preferences panel, click "Lock" button to unlock the settings.

security preferences

Step 3: Click "Enable system extensionss...".

click Enable system extensions

Step 4: Click "Shut down".

click shut down

Step 5:When you turn on your Mac, continue to press and hold its power button for at least 10 seconds, you will see the following window. Then click "Options" to continue.

Enter to recovery mode on Apple Silicon MacBook

Step 6: Select "Startup Security Utility" from Utilities menu.

Startup Security Utility

Step 7: Click "Security Policy...".

Startup Security Utility

Step 8: Check "Reduced Security" option and "Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers", then click Ok.

Check reduced security option

Step 7: Restart your Mac.

Step 8: Click "Allow" option in Securtiy Preferences settings to allow system extensions.

For macOS Ventura, if you don't see Allow option, please click Details... under "Some system software requires your attention before it can be used".

Mac computer security privacy settings

Then you can use M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac to open a BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac

Step 9: Restart your Mac to make the change take effect.

You don't need to restore the security policy to Full Security option after enabling system extensions if you are using M2, M1, M1 Pro, or M1 Max Mac or running macOS 12.