Our partners will be able to maximize their sales with our leading data recovery software. We also offer our partners a wealth of resources and high profit discounts to grow their business.

M3 Data Recovery delivers flexible, custom solutions to many top companies, adding value to their products and services and providing them with new revenue opportunities, while using their established sales channels to broaden our market


Our OEM Partner Program is created to establish a double win relationship, making it easier to expand business of both our partner and us in the widening market.

M3 Data Recovery OEM cooperation program mainly includes: SDK, rebrand and customiize.


The M3 Data Recovery Reseller/Distributor Program will enable participants to increase their product portfolio with high profit margin products with a minimal inventory investment. If you have experience of product agent, and want to sell our products using your current resources, our reseller program will be suitable for you.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is for website owners who get a high volume of traffic to their site. Earn great commissions (50%) for simply referring customers to M3 Data Recovery.

By selling our products, your website can quickly be turned into a profitable online business

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We are open to various levels of cooperation. Please submit your proposal to us by e-mail: