Cannot unlock Bitlocker drive, how to recover lost data?

Posted by Tim to Bitlocker Recovery Tips on March 19th, 2020

I have a Bitlocker encrypted external HDD. I plugged it to pc with usb then i unlocked my drive on Win10 with my password as usual then i was copying the data from my unlocked Bitlocker drive to another non-encrypted drive. Then power cut suddenly. After that i cannot access my Bitlocker drive anymore. When I try to unlock that drive from Windows Explorer pop-up says "Bitlocker drive encryption on this drive is not compatible with your Windows. Try to unlock it with newer version of Windows." without password and recovery key input options. I also tried repair-bde without success.

There are several solutions to solve 'Cannot unlock Bitlocker drive'.

Solution 1: Check connection

We suggest you remove Bitlocker drive from the computer, then re-attach the drive on a different port.

Solution 2: Update BIOS

Contact to the manufacturer and check for the latest updates available for the BIOS.

Solution 3: Try another Windows

If Bitlocker drive is encrypted on Windows 7/8, this Bitlocker drive cannot be read on Windows 10 as Windows 10 uses XTS-AES encryption algorithms and old Windows uses AES encryption algorithms, you need to try it on another Windows 7/8 computer.

If Bitlocker drive is encrypted on Windows 10 and chose 'New encryption mode', this Bitlocker drive cannot read on Windows 7/8 as new XTS-AES encryption algorithm is compatible with old Windows version, you need to try it on another Windows 10 computer.

Solution 4: Bitlocker data recovery

M3 Bitlocker Recovery is a professional Bitlocker data recovery software which can recover lost data from formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, failed Bitlocker drive, recover lost data after Bitlocker encryption/decryption stuck, interrupted, hung, failed, suspended, frozen as long as you have the password or 48-digit Bitlocker recovery key. M3 Bitlocker Recovery supports both AES and XTS-AES encryption algorithms.

Tutorial to recover lost data from Bitlocker drive with M3 Bitlocker Recovery

Step 1: Download, install and launch M3 Bitlocker Recovery on your computer.

Bitlocker data recovery software

Step 2: Select the inaccessible Bitlocker drive and then click Next to continue.

Step 3: Enter the password or 48-digit Bitlocker recovery key.

Scan the lost data from Bitlocker drive

Step 4: Scan the lost data from inaccessible Bitlocker drive.

Data recovery from stuck Bitlocker drive

Step 5: After your files are found, please select them and click "Recover" to save.

Recover lost data from Bitlocker drive

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